Issue Trackers

A view of recent issue trackers I've worked with.

The TfT Map Project has done wiki, then Airtable, then wiki (with Obsidian Kanban), now back to Airtable 🙂

The Massive Wiki project tracks Massive Wiki Builder things in GitHub Issues, and there's a Massive Wiki roadmap on a wiki page, with links to other pages.

My personal issue tracker is currently Obsidian Kanban, and it's nice for one person, not good enough for multiple people.

Asana is actually a good choice; Garden Crew used it for a bit, and Lionsberg might start using it.

I think Airtable is good if a) the whole team are experienced project managers, or more likely b) the Airtable is used by the PM specialists in or serving the group, and there are bridge artifacts or systems where civilians track and report.

Trello might work, although I'm not sure Atlassian will steward the tool well.

Jira is an 800-pound gorilla of issue trackers. I think of it as a last resort; better than nothing, but not something I like.

I haven't used Trac for a long time, but I liked using it, and using the wiki features it had.