Shenzen Damoda "Flying Dragon" Drone Light Show

Maybe you've seen the cool "flying dragon" drone light show from the June 2023 Dragon Boat Show in Hong Kong.

The company providing the drones and control system is Shenzen Damoda. This is the 3rd generation (V3) of the Damoda drone systems (tech specs,

The dragon is cool because, well, it's a dragon! But also, it's got nice color detail, sinuous motion, and it's a great demo of the precision control they have over the drones.

Obligatory note: there are ongoing political tensions between USA, China, Shanghai, Hong Kong, etc. Consume media with due care.

Here are various videos, all hosted on YouTube. Notes: dragon videos are sped up; not all videos are necessarily from the Dragon Boat Show itself, although they show the same drone systems.